March 4 Climate
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An estimated 400-500 people of all ages attended the  family friendly 'March 4 Climate' on Sat 6 November. The 'March 4 Climate' was led and organised by Shinfield Baptist Church in partnership with local churches and environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth. The 'March 4 Climate' started at the western end of Broad St. and ended at St. Laurence Church where various events were organised by local environmental groups. At the end of the 'March 4 Climate,' people were invited to make a climate pledge such as to 'Switch to Renewables,' 'Eat more veg and less meat,' 'Pray each Day.' for COP 26' 

The events were an opportunity for people to demonstrate their care for our planet, its people and creatures. The great injustice of global warming is that those who have done the least to cause the problem are suffering the most. It was a great chance to urge world leaders to do all they can to reduce the increase in global temperatures. Local MP Matt Rodda attended the march.
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